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A Head Shot is Better Than a Shot to the Head.

by Alisha and Brook on January 30, 2015, no comments

BLOG heads 1

Really, getting a head shot is less painful than a shot to the head! Not that I can speak from personal experience on the latter, or I would not be typing this. One of the things I have really enjoyed shooting these last few years are head shots. It seems like more and more people need them for all the social media going on now-a-days, whether its to socialize, do business or find a date! I personally find them fun because I get to meet so many great people, plus it’s always a challenge to find great lighting. And I’m always up to the challenge! I don’t want a big, uncomfortable artificial lighting set up. I found that people who are used to getting their head shot are surprised that it’s not 45 minutes, it’s not 30 minutes…it’s more like 5 to 10 minutes. Unless you want to drive to different locations, it is a really is a short process. Just knowing that is enough to make you smile. See? Painless.

We have clients that we photograph new head shots for, year after year. If you want to stay current online, you need to continue to update your head shot. And if your a company showing images of your people on a website, they need to be shot by the same photographer, so everything is consistent and professional in the way your company presents itself. There are way too many companies showing a dozen extremely different looking head shots on their staff page. From very poor looking selfie to JC Penny head shot, to a great looking head shot. And clumped together it looks very bizarre and cheapens the whole impression the company presents. If you are reading this, you probably need a new head shot.  Remember, it’s worth investing in that first impression!

Some of the companies we photograph head shots for are Stella & Dot, Concierge Auctions, and Sotheby’s.

Tune in later for more..


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Even we have to make sure we have new head shots! Here we are:

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Fall Mini Sessions: October 4th!

by Alisha and Brook on September 11, 2014, no comments

Mini SessionCollage-1

Please give us a call to book your spot! We have limited availability. We will also include 4 Facebook ready images for you to share! This is half of our regular session fee. Whether it is a family session, couple, children’s, maternity, or baby session, you need professional photographs. Stop putting it off! Your camera phone and amateur images just won’t suffice. You deserve beautiful photographs for your walls to preserve this time in your lives and to share with family!

Thanks for checking us out and please keep tuning in for more posts!

Thank you,

Alisha + Brook




by Alisha and Brook on September 9, 2014, no comments

A+B Blog 5

Part II of our Workshop photos are finally here. This is what we would call an “Engagement Shoot” or sometimes, in this case, it’s an anniversary photo shoot. Ashley is a very delightful, fun girl I have known since she was a kid. Her laugh is adorable and contagious. She was the Maid of Honor in my sister Erika’s wedding! Another fun fact: such a talented hair stylist and make-up artist, the owner of Blush Hair and Make-Up. If you need hair & make-up for a photoshoot, or a wedding, definitely give her a call!

So here are the images we had so much fun photographing of Ashley & Joey in Carmel! We hope you enjoy browsing them, as much as we did capturing them..

~ Alisha

A+B Blog 1



A+B Blog 2



A+B Blog 3



A+B Blog 4



A+B Blog 6

One last image of the group of girls we had for our workshop. Too much fun!

A+B Blog 7

A+B INSPIRE – part I

by Alisha and Brook on June 12, 2014, no comments


We are happy to say that we really enjoyed our recent A+B Inspire Workshop in Carmel Valley! We had a nice little intimate group of talented ladies that we had fun with. We hung out, shared, and finished the day with two photo shoots. We also had a great Mexican food lunch at a nearby cantina, wine, and hit the coffee shop too! We would like to thank Bay Photo Lab (the best professional photo lab east or west of the Mississippi) for sponsoring the workshop, as well as a thank you to Fundy Software (sweet, sweet album design) for lunch!

The first photo shoot was a beautiful bride and client of ours, who didn’t mind getting back in her Vera Wang gown to model for us! The next photo shoot was a great couple, and we will share those in our upcoming post – part II. So I have few people to thank for making this bridal photo shoot possible. First we want to thank our gorgeous model Nickie, and her husband for lending her to us! We would like to thank the talented Ashley Mendes, owner of Blush Hair and Make-Up Design, who styled our bride’s hair and make-up. And big thank you goes to Seascape Flowers for their breath-taking bridal bouquet!

For those of you that are brides, or still have the dress, you can always contact us about a bridal shoot. It’s very popular on the east coast to do bridal shoots prior to the wedding. It’s not so common here in California. But it’s so much fun, and unrestricted by the time constraints of a wedding day!

For photographers looking at this post, we will be holding another A + B Inspire Workshop this fall. Details to follow!

Please feel free to leave a comment here! Thank you for visiting!








Destination Wedding: New York

by Alisha and Brook on June 2, 2014, no comments



We photographed this gorgeous wedding in New York city! We loved the couple, which we will call Sophia & Andre, to protect their identities, since the groom is in professional sports, which we will call “ballroom dancing”. Kidding about the ballroom dancing, he plays a very rough, manly sport. We had such an amazing time with them on the wedding day, and they couldn’t have been more down to earth! The wedding began with a wedding at a church, a couple hours in Central Park, and finally the Mandarin Oriental New York for the reception. This was not only a destination for us, but this was an actual destination wedding for the bride and groom who live outside of NY. We just added this wedding to our FAR + AWAY galleries, which you can view more images right here.




I will say this turned out to be the craziest weekend for me…We had a 3 day convention to photograph for Stella & Dot in San Francisco. While Brook spent a few days in NY meeting with clients, scouting locations, I began Friday in San Francisco photographing Stella & Dot’s Hoopla weekend with two other photographers. I photographed all day till about 9pm, caught a taxi to the airport, flew a red eye flight to NY, slept 2 hours on the plane, arrived in the morning, changed clothes and photographed the wedding from 11am to 11pm. Got a couple of hours sleep again, hopped a crazy early flight so we could arrive in San Francisco by 8am so we could take over for our other shooters covering the Stella & Dot convention. Which we shot all of Sunday, of course. There’s always time for sleep later…

Thank you again to “Sophia & Andre” for flying us to New York to document your Big Day!


Fresh Out of the Oven: A New Look!

by Alisha and Brook on May 22, 2014, 2 comments


We are thrilled to have a new look for our blog, and one that now matches our website!  This blog is now integrated into the site, instead of a separate place to go. It’s all about making things easier, right?

With the new updated blog look, we’ve got new blog posts on the way. We are going to show images from two photo shoots from the recent Alisha + Brook Inspire Workshop we held in Carmel, we are going to show our new studio in Carmel Valley (which we never announced) that we share with Seascape Flowers, we will share pictures of our baby boy Easton (cuz we gotta- also previously unannounced), feature some local artists in Santa Cruz, new weddings, engagements, family portraits, and some cool non-wedding stuff! Oh yeah, good stuff people.

The images above and below are from an engagement shoot in Chicago. In the fall Brook traveled to Chicago and photographed this engagement shoot and 8 different families. He had a great time there with his camera, and stayed there with some great people! Thanks for checking us out! Please feel free to leave a comment and come back for a visit!!

Alisha + Brook






Elope in Carmel

by Alisha and Brook on May 16, 2014, one comment

We love photographing little elopements. Yes, we’ve done huge extravagant events, but there is something so sweet, romantic and intimate about a little elopement. We document lovely little ceremonies at San Francisco City Hall, which is a gorgeous location! And we adore Napa elopements as well. However, we wanted to share this recent elopement in Carmel with a ceremony at Carmel Beach and dinner at Forge in the Forest in Carmel-by-the-Sea.

Blog CarmelElope1
There really is no wedding to small for us to document with our cameras. It is always an honor and downright delightful to photograph a bride & groom’s most special day!

Adam is Awesome

by Alisha and Brook on May 8, 2014, one comment

Are you willing to admit you have a problem? Do you need to join AA? If the problem is your website, then AA is for Awesome Adam of Cambridge Ominmedia. A talented and skilled web designer with great ideas, an open mind to your thoughts and needs, and a fun beard! And yah, he’s got cute kids too! A real family man, and a cool dude, not a hermit living in his mom’s basement. I have been through several web designers over the years, and I gotta say, I like this guy. Check him out!

Besides our gorgeous site, here is a snapshot of some of the others he has done:

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 6.06.05 PM

A + B Inspire Workshop!

by Alisha and Brook on April 25, 2014, no comments

Well, it’s been awhile since our last post. EEP! So much has been going on…busy photographers, busy growing the family…Yes we had a 2nd kid born to us July 24th! We will share all that in another post. For now, we wanted to share our Inspire Workshop that is happening next week on Wednesday, April 30th in Carmel Valley at our studio. We have two photo shoots lined up: engaged couple, and a stunning bride wearing who will be wearing her very own Vera Wang gown from her wedding! We have some spots around Carmel, as well as a real wedding venue around the corner from us who will be letting us shoot there! It’s going to be fun!!!

There is still a little room if you want to snag a spot in the workshop. Please call or email us at to sign up!

To view more of our work please check out our website at

Get Re-Engaged!

by Alisha and Brook on September 4, 2012, 2 comments

Time to get updated couple portraits? Do we do that? The answer is YES! Re-experience the love affair with a photo shoot of you both.. Maybe you want something a bit more casual then just your wedding photographs to decorate your home, and something a bit more fun and fresh. It’s a lot like an engagement photo session, but maybe you’ve never had one, or it’s time for a new one!

Recently, we had a very sweet couple from Canada come to San Francisco. They decided they needed something special to celebrate their 5 year anniversary…

Thank you, Morgan & Rylan! Happy 5th!

Alisha + Brook