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Fresh Out of the Oven: A New Look!

by Alisha and Brook on May 22, 2014, 2 comments


We are thrilled to have a new look for our blog, and one that now matches our website!  This blog is now integrated into the site, instead of a separate place to go. It’s all about making things easier, right?

With the new updated blog look, we’ve got new blog posts on the way. We are going to show images from two photo shoots from the recent Alisha + Brook Inspire Workshop we held in Carmel, we are going to show our new studio in Carmel Valley (which we never announced) that we share with Seascape Flowers, we will share pictures of our baby boy Easton (cuz we gotta- also previously unannounced), feature some local artists in Santa Cruz, new weddings, engagements, family portraits, and some cool non-wedding stuff! Oh yeah, good stuff people.

The images above and below are from an engagement shoot in Chicago. In the fall Brook traveled to Chicago and photographed this engagement shoot and 8 different families. He had a great time there with his camera, and stayed there with some great people! Thanks for checking us out! Please feel free to leave a comment and come back for a visit!!

Alisha + Brook






2 thoughts on “Fresh Out of the Oven: A New Look!

  1. Thanks so much! There was some great weather in Chicago last September. Hope to come out to Chicago again soon..

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